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20/01/2020 17:29
The Pretoria Stud is thrilled to invite you to the Summer NPS Championship - The Pretoria Stud Cup show, wich will take place on 18th and 19th July 2020 at the Pretoria Stud grounds.  You can look forward to in-hand showing and riding classes, as well as a plenty of other sport...
05/01/2020 10:54
PŘIPOUŠTĚNÍ KLISEN V ROCE 2020 This year, we offer breeding with these stallions:  H-S Lord Thomas, sec. D: - Accelaratopm Programme Menai Stan Beynon, sec. D: - Acceletation Programme Breeding fee: 7500 CZK / 300 € + VAT Mare Stabling: 200 CZK / 8 € + VAT per day The Breeding...
05/01/2020 11:06
In 2019, Pretoria Cedrik and Martin Holub have won the Supreme Overall Champion title in Lhota.  He has then won the Junior Ridden 2019 cup with Dominika Marečková.  Congratulations!
09/05/2016 17:30
We have just created a new Facebook group! Hřebčín PRETORIA Stud www.facebook.com/groups/488818154649087/493022144228688/?notif_t=like¬if_id=1462806554238212   We Invite you to discuss everything Welsh Pony and Cob related! Pavel Mareček
19/06/2017 23:37
Showing Classes: Pretoria Cedrik - Section C Champion - Shown by Dominika Marečková Ridden Classes: OPEN  RIDDEN - A second place for Dominika Marečková and Pretoria Cedrik Congratulations!
30/05/2017 19:23
Dominika Marečková and Pretoria Cedrik have won the 1st place in Junior Ridden. Judged by Mrs. Sandra Seward from the Great Britain. First start, first victory! Congratulations!...:)

Our Champions

Pretoria Mirage, Pretoria Elric, Pretoria Elliot and Pretoria Escape - These are the names of the horses, who have two times won the national four-in-hand championship. Under Mr Jaroslav Juráň's Jr. guidnance, this team has gone through many competitions, including the 2019 World Championship in...
Welsh Pony of Cob Type Born: 6th May 2011 Cedrik is a gelding of expectional character, well built body, and great movement mechanics. He has been working with Ms. Dominika Marečková for 3 years, with whom he represents our stud in various showing classes. Overall, Cedrik has achieved a great...
Welsh Pony of Cob Type Born: 3rd May 2008 A superb red roan coloured mare, which boasts many successes in a number of shows. Cascade came from the connection of Dollom Campanwla Cymreig (sec. A) and Gwenllan Ben (sec. D). This combination is one of our signature, and is very succesfull. Pretoria...
Welsh Pony of Cob Type Born: 22nd April 2007 Cadence is a sister of Pretoria Cascade, Catnyss, and Campana. Cadence has, too, had many successes in shows and competitions, and has recieved many prizes thanks to her exterior and movement mehcanics. Cadence is well-bred with Menai Curator, with whom...
1998, 2000 - 1st place in the Javorník Show 1999 - The Best Young Small Breeds Stalion, Přerov Agricultural Show 2001 - Champion of the Valeč Show 2001 - The Best Small Breeds Stallion - Brno Trophy 2002 - Champion - VI. National Pony Show, Chomutov 2004 - Champion - Hynčice nad Moravou
1998 - 3rd place at the Royal Welsh Show           - 1st place at the National Show in Sweden           - 2nd place at the German Bundes Schau   1999 - Category champion at the Manětín Show   2004 - Champion of the...
2007 - Champion of the Stallions, National Show in Kladruby


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