Terms of Purchase & The purchase contract

The Terms of Purchase and the Purchase Contract are in accordnance with the legistrature of the European Union and the Czech Republic. We are not expecting changes to both the Purchase Contract and the legisratures, but we are still open to your comments and insight. The full Contract can be found below.

We are able to reserve the horse you are willing to purchase until the signing of the contract. The non-refundable deposit for this service, which includes neccesarry medical examinations of the horse, is 5000 CZK (200 €) including VAT.

Medical examinations of the horse are carried out on the request of the buyer. They include a clinical examination, blood tests and a serological examination. The minimal price of those examinations is 500 CZK (20 €) including VAT, and are paid by the buyer.

The pre-buy clinical examination is basic. Other examinations, eg. RTG examination and sonography is carried out by the veterinarian of the buyer's choice, and are paid for by the buyer.

You can return the bought horse within 7 days of the transaction without specifying the reason. In this case, the transportation is paid for by the buyer. If the horse doesn't show any signs of injury, illness or mistreatment, you are eligible for a full refund, excluding the non-refundable deposit.

All complaints are resolved in accordnance with the current legislation. 

Welsh Ponies & Cobs bred in the Pretoria Stud are registered in the Welsh Stud Book in accordnance with the WPCS (Welsh Pony and Cob Society) rules, and come with an internationally recognized passport. Thanks to this, they are registred in the Czech Central Evidence of Horses. This allows you to continue the purebred breeding accepted by the WPCS and ASCHK (Czech Association of Horse Breeders).

Our horses are naturally grazed in herds in mountainous terrain. They are regularly vaccinated against tetanus and equine influenza. They are also regularly dewormed, and their hooves are cared for regularly by a smith.

We are trying to make all owners accept the needs of their horses. We are always ready to help you with bringing your horse up, showing them in competitions, or with breeding. 


We wish you plenty of luck and fun with your new horse...!

MVDr. Pavel Mareček



Full purchase contract:


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