XVIII. National show of the welsh breeds, 2015

This exhibition, which took place between 29-30th October 2015 is one of my favourties, despite taking place quite far from us, however, it is very well organized, and their food is equisite here. The Plzeň region is full of beautiful welsh horses, especially of the section A, so we brouth our own sec. A pony too. This pony was Aleanto Deluxe, of Hans Spiekerman's stud. Alento Deluxe has achieved the 1st place in the 2 year old ponies category. We have also shown our sec. D mare, Pretoria Corin, who came in third in the 4+ years category, right behind Vazan Julia and Pretoria Elis. 

The show was judged by Mrs. Jan Pearce of the welsh Glyncoch stud.


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