Gwenllan Ben

Welsh cob, dark bay, 144 cm of height, born in 1993, of Gwenllan Bet of Derwen Desert Express, registered in the Acceleration Programme. Pedigree:

Gwenllan Ben is a typical example of smaller Welsh Cobs, which were traditionally in Wales and were used for herding cattle in mountainous terrain. His father is responsible for many of today's english champions. His mother's side of his pedigree is also very important, especially the line of stallion Brenin Daffy. Ben is very figurative and has great movement mechanics. His offspring has typical heavy stature, superb shin, courage, great performance and calm, yet very lively temperament.


Gwenllan Ben is very suitable for breeding superb sport ponies for children and juniors. The consistent type, in which is Ben bred, ensures transfer of positive properties to his offspring, especially when breeding with english and arabian mares. 


This stallion has been successful in a number of shows. He has won the 1st place in his category in years 1998 and 2000 and has been avarded the title "The Best Stallion of Smaller Breeds" in 1999. He has also become the Champion of the Valeč show in 2001, and has won the "The Best Stallion of Smaller Breeds" title at the Brno Trophy show in 2001. He is also the first Welsh Cob imported into the Czech republic.

His sport carrer begun in 1997 and since then, Gwenllan Ben has participated in many competitions, including parcour, racing, trail parcour and slaloms. 


MARWIN v.o.s. , Hřebčín Pretoria (Pretoria Stud)
MVDr.Pavel Mareček
Hynčice nad Moravou 49
Česká Republika -Czech Republic

Bank : MONETA BANK a.s.

ID Nbr.: 47985623
VAT Nbr. : CZ 47985623