H-S Lord Thomas

Welsh Cob, dark bay, 148 cm height, born in 1997 to H-S Image after Menai Touch of Class in Germany. His mother is considered to be one of the best Welsh Cob mares, and has won the 1st place at The Royal Welsh Show two times.

   In 1993, Thomas has won 3rd place at the Royal Welsh Show, 1st place at the National Show in Sweden, and a 2nd place at the Bundes Schau in Germany. In the Czech Republic, Thomas has won the "Champion of the Category" title in 1999. He has also won a number of champion titles in the following years and is considered to be one of the best Welsh Cobs in the Czech Republic. 

Pedigree: https://www.aschk.cz/welsh/pk/pk_display_welsh.php?id=140321

Thomas has both czech and english breeding licences and is registered in the accelleration programme. 

HS Image, Heinz Spikermann


HS Lord Thomas (1 year), Heinz Spikermann


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